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Easy Assembly Instructions For An Ozark Trail Tent

If you are looking for a dome style tent that carries a affordable price tag, Ozark Trail Tents offers high quality affordable tents. The standard materials that are used on the Ozark Trail dome tents are fiberglass poles with stainless steel or aluminum grommets, reinforced corners, waterproof floors and a rainfly that is removable. These dome tents are designed to fit two, four, or even six people plus camping gear comfortably.s you can see, the Ozark Trail tent line has a model to fit many different camping needs. The assembly time for an Ozark Trail dome tent can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes and appears to be rather simple.

1. The first step is to unpack the Ozark Trail dome tent and arrange each bundle of pieces in a separate area. Check to ensure that you have all of the poles and stakes as well as the rainfly. I suggest unrolling the tent on the area in which it will be pitched so that you don't have to drag the tent over the ground to place it where you want it.

2. The next step is to pound the stakes into the cloth loops that are located at each corner and middle of each side of the Ozark Trail dome tent. To assemble the fiberglass poles, simply snap each section into the metal endcaps. Your tent should come with two poles of similar length, a very long pole, and a shorter pole.

3. Subsequently, you are going to slide one of the similar length poles into the line of loops that cut diagonally across the top of the Ozark Trail dome tent. Now repeat that step with the other pole across the loops that cut diagonally across the tent. Slide the long pole into the loops going around the front door and snap the ends securely into the grommets that are positioned on the underside of the dome tent.

4. The final step is to fix the rainfly to your Ozark Trail tent. To do this, in basic terms slide the short fiberglass pole through the sleeve on the door. The pole will bend and give the door its circular shape. Toss the rainfly on top of the tent and bring together each of the four corners to the correspondent corner of the tent.

As you may have already concluded from the previously mentioned directions, an Ozark Trail tent is easy to assemble and is thought of to be an inexpensive beginners camping tent. I do have a few tips to leave you with regarding the set up of your tent; have someone else help you hold the poles while you lift parts of the tent or put the rainfly over the tent. This part of assembly can be a tad bit difficult to do by yourself. Also, be careful not to use too much force when bending the poles as they can break.

It is of my opinion and the opinion of many other campers that this Ozark Trail tent will serve you well on your back country adventures.

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